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Spring's soo close. Fishing rod is ready!

But, while it was not so nice I got some things done. Very grateful for the dissipation of winter. It was pretty, but I'm over it. So last season. 👊🏻

I've been really stedfast and proactive in creating a decent collection of work. I have been applying finishing glazes on about four pieces. One oil, two acrylic paintings and a mixed media piece. Below are a few pictures of the oil painting during it's edging process. This was my first time hey edging a completed oil painting that I've also finished over and over with liquid to make the colors pop. idk, well see.

I am also going to be making a frame for this particular painting [Aftershock] that will also compliment the design and theme before being ready for display. Also working on a mixed media piece. This one is getting a big response already because it is probably one of my greatest, darkest, and quickly becoming one of my favorites..and I'm not even halfway done yet. Kind of cool and weird. Here are some pictures and video of that project.

Below is a still life of two onions. It was made with these, amazing Winsor Newton markers I picked up at an art store. I've got to say these are my new favorite pen/marker to draw with! Especially on vellum! They blend well, handle well. They even bleed and overflow when pressed harder, and it makes a 'mesmerizing puddle' that is creatively distracting in its own right. Anyways, great markers. I've even drawn and experimented since posting this first attempt with the onions. I'm excited to share future sketches. I'm getting more fluid with these markers as well! And some others works in progress.

Also. Trying out new font's and theme's so this blog, maintains some aesthetic and does not resemble my 's desktop haha. Oh ya, and I wrote this entire blog in Duluth comfy undies and I feel like a king. [sponsor opportunity?, "]

Anywho. I got to get back to it. Hope you enjoyed update. Here's some recent work


It's Friday⚡️





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